Sunday, 16 February 2014

Late Setlists

Live gigs from Treze:

11/01/14 - Casa da Árvore / Salamandra Dourada

  1. Treze (Debut)
  2. Pradaria de Alfazemas
  3. Hoje (Debut)
  4. Zarpar em Contracorrente (Debut)
  5. Cobertor de Inverno
  6. Venham de Lá esses Ossos (Debut)
  7. Grego (C/ Diogo Cunha) (Debut)
  8. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  9. 36.000 (Debut)
  10. Oladeus (Debut)
  11. Impiedoso Inferno & Profecia (Debut)
  12. Live Without
  13. A Heart’s Journey
  14. Daisy
  15. Canção de Bem-Estar (Debut)
  16. Valsa dos Amores Despedidos (C/ Helena Caldeira) (Debut)
  17. Bloco de Notas (Debut)

Hugo Furtado - Guitarra
João Martins de Almeida - Baixo
André Boavida - Bateria
24/01 - Almada Fórum - Showcase Fnac
  1. Treze
  2. Pradaria de Alfazemas
  3. Oladeus
  4. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  5. Venham de Lá esses Ossos
  6. 36.000
  7. Grego
  8. Daisy
  9. Canção de Bem-Estar
  10. Bloco de Notas

25/01 - AlgarveShopping - Showcase Fnac 

  1. Treze
  2. Impiedoso Inferno
  3. Oladeus
  4. Daisy
  5. Grego
  6. Venham de Lá esses Ossos
  7. Bloco de Notas
  8. 36.000
  9. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  10. Canção de Bem-Estar

07/02 - Vasco da Gama - Showcase Fnac 

  1. Treze
  2. Venham de Lá esses Ossos
  3. Grego
  4. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  5. Oladeus
  6. Impiedoso Inferno & Profecia
  7. Pradaria de Alfazemas
  8. Canção de Bem-Estar
  9. Daisy
  10. 36.000
  11. Bloco de Notas
Com André Boavida - Bateria

02/08 - GaiaShopping

  1. Treze
  2. Grego
  3. Impiedoso Inferno & Profecia
  4. Pradaria de Alfazemas
  5. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  6. Venham de Lá esses Ossos
  7. Canção de Bem-Estar
  8. Daisy
  9. 36.000
  10. Bloco de Notas

 Com André Boavida - Bateria

02/08 - MarShopping
  1.  Treze
  2. Venham de Lá esses Ossos
  3. 36.000
  4. Oladeus
  5. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  6. Pradaria de Alfazemas
  7. Impiedoso Inferno & Profecia
  8. Daisy
  9. Grego
  10. Bloco de Notas

 Com André Boavida - Bateria

02/14 - CascaiShopping
  1. Treze
  2. Venham de Lá esses Ossos
  3. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
  4. Grego
  5. Oladeus
  6. Impiedoso Inferno & Profecia
  7. Pradaria de Alfazemas
  8. 36.000
  9. Canção de Bem-Estar
  10. Daisy
  11. Bloco de Notas

Com André Boavida - Bateria

Saturday, 29 June 2013

28/06/2013 Setlist @ Centro Paroquial Alfragide

I don't have much to comment - about good reviews on the show. Just this: Shitty reception from the organization of this party and shitty sound quality. It was fun, though.
From not being able to make a proper soundcheck to getting interrupted in the middle of Ballad of the Baldman (kindly dedicated to my father)!

1. Shipwreck On Solitude
2. A Heart’s Journey
3. Live Without
4. Viva La Flesh
5. Warn The Bitch
6. Ballad of the Baldman
7. Letters From Japan
8. Mothers In Horror
9. Songwriting You
10. Daisy
11. Pradaria de Alfazemas (Live Debut)
12. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away

Sunday, 23 June 2013

22/06/2013 Setlist @ Chafariz da Mãe D'Água, Faz Música 2013

Spectacular night! Thanks to eveyone who were able to come, and to those who were present throught thoughts.

1. Shipwreck on Solitude
2. Letters From Japan (Live Debut)
3. A Heart’s Journey
4. Songwriting You (Live Debut)
5. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
6. Live Without
7. Viva La Flesh
8. Warn the Bitch
9. Mothers In Horror
10. Ballad of the Baldman
11. Dias Melhores (cover - Ricardo Meneses' original)
12. Daisy

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hey. I don't know, the first line sounded cool enough

She lays her head where people walk their feet
She pets her cat and secretly waits for a bite
She ignores the fact that she depends on attention
But she struggles every way to get the daily glimmer

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Some new ideas

I'm not going to write much about it, but here's some ideas:

 . Re-record Lostopia, Carols For The Lunatics and Mothers In Horror, in different versions.

 . Compose for "Save the Arctic".

 . Built project Owl (electronic songs like When Owls Talk Back, CounterJack, Poison Much, Fat Bloody Fingers (to come) and Warn The Bitch (also, to come).

. Work on new electronic songs.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Blog status

Hi there (currently typing to no one, I guess).

Anyway, I changed the blog's design, a little easier to read. I'm thinking about giving this blog another try. This isn't a bad idea.
I'll post ideas more frequently, confirm some plans, cancel some others, maybe I'll put pictures on it. That would be appealing.

Monday, 15 October 2012

13/10 Setlist @ Bar da Rute - Comissão de Finalistas 2012/2013

This was a special night in my home town. A lot of friends, a lot of familiar faces.

1. Lostopia
2. Carols for the Lunatics (part 1) (Live Debut)
3. Warn The Bitch
4. Viva La Flesh
5. A Heart's Journey
6. Shipwreck on Solitude
7. Mothers In Horror
8. Daisy
9. Carols for the Lunatics (parts 2 and 3) (Live Debut)
10. Cobertor de Inverno
11. Ballad of the Baldman
12. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
13. Live Without
14. Dead End
15. Daisy (Reprise)

I played Daisy 2 times. People seemed to enjoy this song much more than the others. They clapped to this one!
Memorable night!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

3/10 Setlist @ Cais do Sodré - Festival Música a Metro

2nd time playing live. Bigger the crowd, Bigger the emotion.

1. Lostopia (debut)
2. Mothers In Horror (debut)
3. Live Without (already played at Live Webcasts)
4. A Heart's Journey (debut)
5. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away (Ricardo Meneses joins the stage playing soft percussion)
6. Ballad Of The Baldman (already played at Live Webcasts)
7. Daisy

There was going to be an encore, but I decided not to. Spare some live debuts :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

19/9 Setlist @ Restart - Cerimónia de Entrega de Diplomas

This was a small concert. 2 songs only. Live debut for both!

1. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away (name will probably change)
2. Daisy

Special guest: Ricardo Meneses playing the drums.
I loved to play live. For a first time experience, it kicked ass! Want to do it again soon!

Friday, 6 April 2012

It's been so long

Heeey there!
It's been more than 2 months that I have published something here. So now I'll tell you some news:
I'm planning on releasing an EP with work I've done through Restart. You can check those songs here:

Oh and anytime soon, I'll upload a new song. It depends on you: 25 likes on this post (click on 'post') and I upload it. It's called CounterJack. Like it!

Friday, 27 January 2012


Hi there! Yes, I am alive. I'm sorry for being away, I've been a little bit occupied studying and working on new works. In a week I'm going to upload one of my newest songs, called 'Love Breaks up and Flies away'. Let's get to work then. (I'll update you more precisely when I upload the whole song [it's about 2:20 minutes] )

Saturday, 24 December 2011

End of Year

Well, hello there. I'm so happy I finished Mixdown (which is now called Cumberstminute). Its name comes from the idea that the first minute is a bit off rhythm, a bit too dragged (Cumbersome + First + Minute). But after that, it gets better and better. I just hope I am right.

Anyway... I couldn't pull the Christmas song off third basement. It's a shame. But hey, Next Year it is.

So now, if you want to listen to my songs, check my soundcloud page (<-click there). MIDI is already available.

And that's it. Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year :D

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Plans pt2 - december

I'll try to record D25th in the next week, since it's holidays and I finally have time to waste on recordings.

I'm going to put My Intimate Device and I (previously called "Untitled v2") available whenever possible. It's a dance-y music. You can actually dance and feel happy about it. Maybe I'll put some vocals on it, maybe not. Depends on the time.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


My plans to this month:

D25th - Reach 4th Basement
Daisy - Rearrange; Reach 4th Basement - better version / different lyrics version (to my grandma and my second cousin who was born a month and 7 days ago).
December (1st Basement thing) - Develop idea

(also plans but it's strictly necessary to finish these ones)

Remix of 'Mixdown', a song of a colleague of Musical Creation and Composition.
Untitled V2, a House (style) song.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I guess I should stop planning and dreaming. I should concentrate on the things that I'm supposed to do. I should. But I'm a constant daydreamer.