Saturday, 30 July 2011

piano - I'm buying one

thinking about buying a Yamaha YDP-161. hope it's good

Viva La Flesh

So... This one is pratically finished. I sent the 'bass-less' version to a friend of mine to record it and send it back to me (yeah, this one includes some exclusive 'collab').

Meanwhile, I'm having a concert tomorrow (with my Philharmonic Band - I'm part of the percussion) and I barely know what to play. I blame my vacation.

Anyway... I'm trying to keep myself busy. And trying to get the less nervous to the interview (on monday). kiss'n'hugs

Thursday, 28 July 2011

1st VideoSong

As soon as I can, I'm going to record Dead End, a song of mine. It'll be my very first VideoSong - I hope - , and if this computer lets me, I will upload it via youtube when it's done. It's only a matter of time 'till I have the camera at hand. God, I really hope this computer helps in the process... (just so you know, Dead End is already at 3rd basement)

Flashback Flaws setlist and stuff

Flashback Flaws

1. Shipwreck On Solitude
2. Piggy Bunker
3. Oh God (why does my heart fly?)
4. Live Without
5. Fat Bloody Fingers
6. Viva la Flesh
7. Warn the Bitch
8. Sharp your pencil
9. Ballad of the Baldman
10. Black Stars

Vasco Vilhena  2011

Recorded between 8 June 2011 and ??? 2011
Mixed and Recorded through Ableton Live and Pod Farm.
Instruments and Equipment used:
Electric Guitar: Fender Squier Stratocaster affinity series hss
Classic Guitar: Valencia CG180 | Handmade, João Pedro Grácio Júnior 1969
12-string Guitar: Epiphone DR212
Ukelele: Stagg
(And some other to come)
                   Microphone: Shure SM58
                        Recorder: Toneport UX2

Back from vacation

Hello again. I should go to sleep, I still haven't rested a bit.

But here's the situation: I'm going to record Fat Bloody Fingers (or. version) - no videosong - , finish Live Without and Viva La Flesh - no videosong either - , achieve 3rd basement with Ballad of the Baldman - and sorry, but no videosong too. I'm thinking about recording Flashback Flaws (the album) with no dependency on VideoSongs (I'll show you the setlist for the album in the following post).


QUESTION! I don't know what name to give to a song. I've got 2 possibilities. Warn The Bitch and Game Over Track. Answer here, please. You can add more possibilities, but those are the main choices. Only if you come up with a master name. Thanks in advance.

These are the lyrics:

For my appeasement I’m playing alive
And you’re buried deep down dead
We conspire all the rules of this fucked up game
While you wish you were not obliged to play

Misguiding thoughts of a ready trigger
Oblivious souls trying to be misunderstood
This bitch ate an idea inventor
Hey Witch, You are not allowed to play

The rumour of a lunatic grand-escape
Leap of Irony to the ground
Faith’s licking fat bloody fingers
Which you are not allowed to play with

Go home and warn the bitch
Come out to play after she disappears
Faith and Death will spare her no longer
With knives we’re not allowed to play with

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Post Scriptum

(this was the last day of non-vacation)

Today I went up to schedule an interview to attend one course during the next year. There are only 14 open places so it's going to be a bit hard to 'seduce' the interviewer. The interview is going to be on 1st August right after I come back from vacation. Maybe I'll give you news while I'm on vacation.

See you next time (for real)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day Off

Hi there.

I know it's late, but I could only reach you now. I took the day off to buy a gift to my sister (a guitar [Shh, don't tell her]), her birthday's in a few days.

And since I'm posting, I'll tell you I'm going on vacation with my family for a half month. I know, I know... It's stupid that I created this yesterday and going on vacation the day after.
Anyway, I really need some time off the responsabilities, I had a hell of a year, and my future is not so certain (I'm doing the best I can, seriously; I'm sure I'll get through).

So, a short Arrivederci to you, guys.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Day 1 - The End of the Beginning

Today I created this blog, a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page.
Reached third basement in Fat Bloody Fingers, as you already know.

I guess it's the end of this day. 'Até amanhã' (See you tomorrow in portuguese)

Let's Talk In Code

I was thinking about the ways I can reach to you about the development of my songs. I've already made clear that there are like 4 degrees of songs development (in my head, in instruments, in guitar pro 5 and in Ableton Live), but I didn't specify the possibilities of situations that can happen. I'm going to make some things clear:

First Basement
    • Ideas for lyrics/melodies, based in movies, other songs, things that happen daily, etc.
    • One/Two line lyrics (some sentences that sound cliché and make me feel like they need to belong to some awesome lyrics)
    • (lonely) Chords or Rhythms that sound beautifully even if they're alone.
    • Possible Titles of songs (which gives me a lot of inspiration to begin writing)
      Second Basement
      • Full (but single) Melodies, Rhythms, Riffs and whatever, that seem to have future.
      • Full Lyrics (but still have the possibility to be changed because of the metrics) - Includes Titles too.
      • In development songs in Guitar Pro.
        Third Basement
        • Finished songs in Guitar Pro.
        • In development songs in Ableton Live.
        • Funished songs in Ableton Live that don't please me (And you can bet that I'm perfectionist).
        Forth Basement
        • Finished songs in Ableton Live (that I'm pleased with, obviously)

        There, this will be easier this way.

        While writing this post, I reached the Third Basement in Fat Bloody Finger's (original version)

        Remix Fat Bloody Fingers

        So, the remix is done.
        I'm gonna get some visual apresentation for the remix and as soon as I can, I'm gonna upload it to youtube.

        This is the Beginning

        Hi there.
        I know fans will only come when results are shown. But I will begin this way anyway.

        So, I'm beggining now, I'm creating accounts through youtube, google (I'm not giving you my email for now, sorry), blogspot, twitter, etc. (I guess I didn't miss anything). Soon I will post a Remix of one of my Songs, 'Fat Bloody Fingers', which was originally born when I was playing around through Ableton Live. I created a bass line, some crazy beats and got some lyrics to read along. So that's the way 'Fat Bloody Fingers' was born: the Remix came out before the original version (crazy, huh?). And that's what I'm doing right now in guitar pro 5. I'm finishing the plan for the final product of this song.

        I'm going for the song again.
        See you guys later.