Wednesday, 19 October 2011

X-mas song

I'm composing a christmas song. I got two chords together and add some jingle bells (the instrument, not the song) to gain the spiritual vibe. It's getting direction and it feels right. hope to record it till christmas.
[2/3 Basement]

Sunday, 16 October 2011

This is a site with lyrics

If you want to check my lyrics, click here!

15/10 - Presentation - Setlist

Live Webcast 15/10
    1.Ballad Of The Baldman
     2. Live Without
3.Viva La Flesh
4. Black Stars
5. This is my All The Time
6.Fat Bloody Fingers
7.  Warn The Bitch
8.Shipwreck On Solitude
9.Cobertor de Inverno
10. Dead End
11.The Bends (Radiohead Cover)

Saturday, 15 October 2011


So this is it! As promised I sent 4 songs to the ones who asked me so. This was the e-mail they received, along with the songs:

"Boas Pessoal!

A espera acabou: aqui estão elas! Muito Obrigado pelo apoio, espero que tenham gostado dos Live Webcasts. Se não os conseguiram ver, não se preocupem: vou fazer um ultimo (desta fase de promoção das músicas) neste mesmo dia 15, às 22h.

Remix !
1. Fat Bloody Fingers
2. Warn The Bitch

Virgin Version .
1. Live Without
2. Viva La Flesh

Peço-vos que controlem a partilha. Partilhem entre amigos em quem confiam, porque as músicas não estão registadas nem estão protegidas. Espero que gostem.

Vemo-nos em breve,
Vasco Vilhena"

The fans were all Portuguese, so I didn't even bother writing it in English. If eventually someone asks me to translate it to English, please do say so.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Setlist - 10/10

Live Webcast – 10/10
1.     Fat Bloody Fingers
2.  Shipwreck On Solitude
3. Live Without
4.  Ballad of The Baldman
5.  Warn The Bitch 
6. Viva La Flesh
7.   Sei Que Sabes Que Sim (EZ Special)

Another WebCast

I'm going to do another one, like the titles says. It will be 7:30pm GMT time. if you want to see me live, this is the password: 15/10

Saturday, 8 October 2011

SetList - 8/10

Live Webcast – 8/10
1.    Live Without
2. Fat Bloody Fingers
3. Shipwreck On Solitude
4. Viva La Flesh
5. Warn The Bitch
6. Ballad of The Baldman

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Live Without: Vocal Recording

As you may already know, I'm working on the video footage I took of me singing to Live Without. I'm not liking the Adobe Elements 8.0 so far. And it's giving me a little depression because I can't get anything right. Oh Well...