Monday, 15 October 2012

13/10 Setlist @ Bar da Rute - Comissão de Finalistas 2012/2013

This was a special night in my home town. A lot of friends, a lot of familiar faces.

1. Lostopia
2. Carols for the Lunatics (part 1) (Live Debut)
3. Warn The Bitch
4. Viva La Flesh
5. A Heart's Journey
6. Shipwreck on Solitude
7. Mothers In Horror
8. Daisy
9. Carols for the Lunatics (parts 2 and 3) (Live Debut)
10. Cobertor de Inverno
11. Ballad of the Baldman
12. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away
13. Live Without
14. Dead End
15. Daisy (Reprise)

I played Daisy 2 times. People seemed to enjoy this song much more than the others. They clapped to this one!
Memorable night!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

3/10 Setlist @ Cais do Sodré - Festival Música a Metro

2nd time playing live. Bigger the crowd, Bigger the emotion.

1. Lostopia (debut)
2. Mothers In Horror (debut)
3. Live Without (already played at Live Webcasts)
4. A Heart's Journey (debut)
5. Love Breaks Up & Flies Away (Ricardo Meneses joins the stage playing soft percussion)
6. Ballad Of The Baldman (already played at Live Webcasts)
7. Daisy

There was going to be an encore, but I decided not to. Spare some live debuts :)